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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  November 28, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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tomorrow annie potts is here and jaunt janet huber. i'll see you then. good night everybody. >> cenk: welcome to "the young turks." guess what we have for you today. more talk of the fiscal cliff--of course! and more talk of shopping medicare. >> the president has a balanced deficit reduction plan that includes medicare savings and medicaid savings $343 billion. over the next ten years that's more healthcare savings than simpson bowles. >> cenk: she goes further than that. wait until you see a cnbc anchor. who she blames, an unbelievable video. and then another unarmed wrack teenager shot by another armed guy claiming self defense.
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>> it's the first time anybody has seen him when he was arrested for reportedly shooting and killing jordan davis of jacksonville. >> the commotion outside. >> cenk: well, if he was really acting in self defense why did he run? interesting story. we'll get to it later. and then my favorite video of the day. o'reilly tries to explains gangnam style. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> he's just doing the pony. >> the pony. >> cenk: the pony. all right, and we got naked people. and we got ex-presidential candidates--is romney on the show? is he the one? i don't know there's only one way to find out. go time. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ]
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>> it's time for the president and democrats to get serious. >> obama: i am ready, able willing and excited. >> he has got the republicans on the ropes, and they know it. >> the problem is too much spending. the problem is not that the peasants are not sending enough money into washington. >> the republicans are willing to put revenues on the table. >> we're putting revenues on the table. >> more and more members of congress seem to agree that we to have a balanced approach. >> you're not going to grow the economy if you raise rates on the top 2%. >> tax reform, ultimately will produce lower rates. >> medicare and medicaid are the main drivers of our deficit. >> are you willing to give up medicare and medicaid? big cuts to make sure that the wealthiest get away with the tax rates that they want? >> of course! >> obama: i'll go anywhere and
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do whatever it takes to get this done. it's too important for washington to screw this up. >> cenk: nonetheless they probable will. president obama came out and gave a speech that was fairly progressive, and he argued only for tax cuts for the bottom 911%. watch. >> obama: if both parties agree we should not raise taxes on middle class families, let's begin our work with where we agree. if we can get a few house republicans to agree as well, i'll sign this bill as soon as congress sends it my way. i got to repeat--i got a pen. i'm ready to sign it. >> cenk: my god, he's got a pen. so do i. and i'll have more for you in just a minute. that's good. and one of the top republicans in the house, he came out and said something very interesting. he said, i think we ought to take the 98% deal right now. that's a little bit of a panic in the republicans and that's great news. but who is going to throw a
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monkey wrench into it? of course, john boehner. >> earlier in our conference meeting that i disagreed with him. he's a wonderful friend of mine and a great supporter of mine. the goal here is to grow the economy and control spending. you're not going to grow the committee if you raise tax rates on the top two rates. it will hurt small businesses. it will hurt our economy. that's why this is not the right approach. >> cenk: why do i always think that guy is drinking? anyway he's not budget budging we're not going to raise the tax rates. the same 'ol game he has been playing, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out. but we have a lot of budgeting. stephanie cutter went on msnbc. look at what she says. >> we have to look at everything that someone on the table. the mandate the president has
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his mandate is to protect the middle class and help people enter and stay in the middle class? how do we do that? we have to make sure that medicare is there for the future and medicaid is strong and efficient. >> but he's going to be open to changes to all this stuff? >> he has a plan on the table. it's a little bit of a discussion we already had. >> cenk: oh, yeah, believe me, it's on the table as she said. we already put it there. we putted medicare and medicaid cuts on the table. whenever you hear democrats talking about oh, we're going to fix medicare or medicaid. or we're going to reform medicare and medicaid. those are code words that we're going to cut them. it's a euphemism. they're saying we can get cuts from other places. we don't have to cut the most popular programs in in america. look at the wild reaction that the anchor has when he says that.
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>> we have benefits on the table. social security, medicare, medicaid as being the force for the deficit and the only way to reduce that and the only way to balance it i think it's wrong. >> i got to tell you sir i think you're contributing to the fears that we're going off the fiscal cliff because it doesn't sound like there isn't any compromise in what you're saying. do you care that markets are selling off dramatically when it looks like you guys can't come to a deal. >> cenk: do you care that the markets are selling off? it's crashing! it's all because of you libs. you want to raise taxes on the rich, we'll have a deal right away. i'm willing to compromise on that. you can't do that. look at the markets you're making it crash. i was about to get dirty. who is going to agree with them? of course, tim geithner. we're going to agree with the republicans right now. go geithner. >> if they decide to defer again in the hopes that americans will give us more time to come
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together, i think you'll--i think it will be a mistake. you'll leave a huge cloud of uncertainty hanging over the economy. >> cenk: cloud of uncertainty over the economy? that's almost identical to republican talking point. tim get geithner is a republican and he's leading the discussion for the democrats. if you don't agree that we should cut medicare and social security and cut the taxes for the rich, you don't agree. let me show you what the americans agree with and i agree with, as well. 67% of americans believe that there should be tax increases as part of the deal. boom, that helps to balance the budget. two-thirds of the country agrees. we just had an election. we agree. that's one way to balance the budget. that's not all. cutting defense spending, a large part of americans agree
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51%. the majority of the country wants to cut defense why are we avoiding that? it will help to balance the budget. because they go ahead paid by the defense contractors. there was a poll in new hampshire. how about farm subsidyies. 79% want to cut those back. what about oil subsidyies. 70% oppose oil subsidies. there are ways to cut the deficit balance the budget, and the american people overwhelmingly agree with, and they just voted on, so will they do it in washington? hell know. that's my conclusion. my guest has a different conclusion. the program director at u.s. action. alan, tell me what you are fighting for and how you're doing it?
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>> well, the top of the list, getting rid of the tax cuts to the top 2%, the democrats and progressives won an election to increase taxes on the wealthiest americans. this is historic in character. we need to start with that. then we need to see that there are no benefits cuts to medicare medicaid, and social security. >> cenk: alan, let me jump in there and depress you. >> okay. >> cenk: let me show you, of course one of the top advisers to the president. first on the issue of taxes. this is what he said recently. >> on the immediate question of the tax cuts we want to extend them to most people but we also want to engage in a process of tax reform that will ultimately produce lower rates even potentially for the wealthy. >> cenk: there is the president's top advisers talking about cutting tax tots rich to the
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rich. >> the president has put forward, and to his credit--i don't know what david was saying when he said that the president put forward a package that includes taxes on the top 2%. making the estate tax stronger. two years ago the rate was pushed down. we want it up to where it was before. it includes stopping, and capping itemized deductions for the wealthiest americans. those items together would produce $1.6 trillion in tax revenue. that's the approach we should take. >> cenk: i agree. if he actually did that, fantastic. but internally obviously they think something else entirely, and so let me can you ask you about that compromise. we're raising revenue but we'll
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keep the rates where they are. is that acceptable or unacceptable. >> that doesn't work for us at all. no. everything hinges on winning the tax cuts for the top 2%. >> cenk: what if they do it. what if obama comes in and says i made the grand bargain, what are you going to do? >> we'll be gravely disappointed in that, gravely disappointed. quite frankly we believe the president is moving in the right direction. we believe that in this point of time the more noise, the more meetings we hold and the more people we mobilize, the stronger the possibility that the president will stay true to his commitments to the american people. >> cenk: talking about entitlements and medicare and
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medicinemedicaid. >> let's go for the big deal. let's say something that we can say for the 10, 20 years period for the first time our country is on the right sustainable fiscal path. the only way to get that done is for republicans to step back and get mercifully criticized by grover norquist and the right and the democrats will criticize on the left. >> cenk: they're going to cut medicare and medicaid. it's 100% guarantee. what are you going to do then. >> i don't believe it's 100% guarantee. the stronger we are as progressives, on the streets on the phones, the stronger possibility that we'll protect these vital programs. this fight is not over. the deal is not secretly set already. there are a lot of developments that could take place in these remaining four weeks. we just saw yesterday senator dick durban, one of the leaders
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in the senate changed his position and said they shoe not be part of any negotiations and short-term deal that would be entered into during the lame duck session. this is a good step in the right direction. i think that ultimately we need to take the high road here. we need to assume that we can win on this, act like we can win, and show the president, and show democrats and congress-- >> cenk: i got to wrap it up. >> that we have their backs. >> cenk: no, you have to do the exact opposite. that's what i'm getting at. yes, you fight beforehand. don't be pessimistic like me. they've done great things with social security. they got it off the table. great job but don't tell the democrats that you have their back. that encourages obama to say i don't have to worry about alan. alan is a pushover. he'll clap louder. don't do that.
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tell him you're going to kick his ass. >> when i say have their backs i mean it in the firm sense of pushing them hard to live up to the commitments that they made to the american people. >> cenk: i hope you do. i'll have to have you back on the show. if they view screw you on this, you'll have to come back and tell me how you're going to go after democrats and president obama. >> if they screw this up, we will have to go after democrats. >> cenk: i like that you're fighting hard, appreciate. >> thank you. >> cenk: good to have optimists out there fighting. when we come back, naked people. >> some protesters on capitol hill tried to get the naked truth quite literally. >> cenk: i'm going to tell you why that was such a great success when we come back. and then later elbow of the day. who is it? well it's the republican throwing the elbow.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: so back in maine before the elections the republicans want to convince us, women we got your back. we have all these women republicans. they did a recorded message. this is what it looks like. >> we know what it looks like to run a business, and a family. >> we'll continue to stand on the house floor debate in committee hears. >> fight against big government policies. >> and listen to those who elected us. >> we as republican women. >> are leading the charge. >> to make america great again. >> cenk: wrong again jane. you're not leading the charge against anything. how many committees are led by women or minorities? zero. this is an epic problem. who would solve this problem? [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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>> cenk: all right, michael shure is here. michael, let me show a graphic of these folks. these are the 19 committee chairs now. frankly you get the point. >> the real point is that they're all white but none of them are women. and in fairness to john boehner he only has this person to choose if he wants to choose a black to put on a black man, a black american, to put on, that's tim scott from south carolina. the only-- >> cenk: you're on the screen. i thought it was you for a minute. >> that would be great if it was me. most shockingly--there he is is--most shockingly, they don't have a woman in their group there, and there's not one single woman here.
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>> cenk: no, it's not shocking because they're a party largely made up of white dude. there is only 28 women in the republican caucus in the house to begin with, and less than 10% of the entire republican caucus. so i'm not surprised by this at all. and they are the more junior numbers. >> you have to go back 20 years to find those sorts of numbers. in the democrats white males are the majority in their caucus. their voting record on things that have to do with women. the lily ledbetter act all 19 voted against it. the 2007 hate crimes legislation that talks about sexual orientation. 17 of the 19 voted against it. the two that didn't just didn't vote. they happened to have not been there. these are not the people who are the face of the future. it's like they were tone deaf to this election. >> cenk: that's the thing that matters the most. i don't care that much about any
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one particular committee if it's a woman or minority, i don't believe in quotas, etc. but the policy matters. and they have the wrong policy or women and minorities and, etc. >> yes, they do. and it's as if john boehner was not listening to what the american people said in the election. >> cenk: he seems to only be listening to them on taxes. some women showed one in john boehner's office. >> yes, yesterday there was a protest yesterday of women and men who went in to protest. they went in naked to speaker boehner's office, certainly a day you want to pronounce " "boehner" properly. but they came in to protest against the new budget. ♪ what do we do ♪ fight back ♪ >> a handful of activists
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stripped naked and started chanting. they're demanding a face-to-face meeting with boehner. congress is proposing budget cuts for people with h.i.v. worldwide. no word if boehner agreed to that sit. down. -down. three of the women were arrested. >> end a.i.d.s. with the robin hood tax. no more budget cuts, and boehner, boehner don't be a dick. budget cuts will make us sick. funds are proposed to be cut for a.i.d.s. care. >> cenk: also is he questions trace which both sides have agreed to. i didn't know how much there was in a.i.d.s. and h.i.v. research, and they brought attention to it. they didn't throw a pie in anybody's face.
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they didn't do anything along those lines. it was an effective protest shining light on an important issue. >> i don't know if there is a difference between throwing a pie in the face or showing up naked. >> cenk: show up naked. >> yes, of course, we'll keep the light know going. do you remember during the campaign that the obama-biden campaign had a contest sweepstakes where you could win a meal with president obama. >> cenk: i remember. >> you could enter and-- >> cenk: who won that. >> we have a winner now. >> cenk: who. >> breaking from the white house, president obama and mitt romney will have lunch together tomorrow. this will be their first meeting since the election. >> what are the chances? he probably bought a lottery ticket. >> he could enter as many times as he wanted and he was selected to have lunch in the white
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house. >> cenk: what was that tax? i plan on implementing it. >> that's right. he's going to take it down verbatim and bring it back to the congress. >> cenk: thank you michael, it was fun. i appreciate it. when we come back we have another young teenager shot, and it looks like the guy who shot him, oh, self defense. there was a lot of black people--literally, listen to the defense. >> the gun fired eight or nine shots, striking davis several times. >> heavily tinted front window that are up, and the back windows that are down and the car has at least four black men in it.
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